About Us

“At Crowther we value our most important competitive edge—customer satisfaction.”
~ Lee J. Crowther, founder and chair, Crowther Roofing.


What does it mean to say that customer satisfaction and a commitment to quality are the cornerstones of Crowther Roofing’s mission? From arctic exploration to a thriving family business, Crowther Roofing has unique roots. How has Crowther Roofing’s history influenced its present? And how does its family of employees continue the company’s vision?

Crowther Roofing has a constant commitment to customer satisfaction and the business experience and infrastructure necessary to carry out that commitment. Crowther maintains relationships with its customers after construction, designing and implementing maintenance programs that will extend the life of a roof and cut down on expensive repairs later.

Lee J. Crowther, founder and chair of Crowther Roofing, has been devoted to the principles of quality roofing for more than 50 years. He has passed that sense of devotion to the employees of the family-owned business, including those who are members of his own family. Every member of the Crowther team understands his or her role in maintaining Crowther Roofing’s excellent reputation for quality roofing.

What is quality roofing? It is implementing top-of-the-line workmanship, using the best and most reliable materials, responding immediately to service calls and communicating clearly with customers.

Crowther Roofing cares about the community, lending corporate support to nonprofit organizations throughout the area. The company also has a reputation for putting the community’s needs first in an emergency. When Hurricane Charley hit Southwest Florida in 2004, the company’s principals and upper-level management personally worked around the clock to respond to clients and to make the repair of hospitals, schools, and nursing homes their first priority, above taking care of their own homes. Southwest Florida can always count on
Crowther Roofing to put safety and quality ahead of profit.