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Built-Up Roofs (or BUR) have one of the longest histories and are one of the most popular types of roofing.  The asphalt systems are most often used for institutional, commercial and industrial buildings.  Several advantages of BUR’s include both durability and competitive life-cycle costs.

The term Built-Up Roof (BUR) refers to a system of multiple layers of roofing paper adhered either with hot asphalt or cold application cement, surfaced with various materials. Upon inspection by one of our Crowther Roofing Representatives, a recommendation will be made for your roofing needs.

A BUR consists of a continuous, semi-flexible roof membrane assembly whose layers are separated by waterproofing materials. This can consist of plies of saturated felts, coated felts, fabrics, or mats between which alternate layers of bitumen are applied. It is generally surfaced with mineral aggregate, bituminous materials, or a granule-surfaced roofing sheet.
Crowther’s BUR Department is one of the oldest in the company and we have been installing high quality roofs for a variety of public and private clients for over 50 years. 

Our expert roofing professionals work closely with government officials, roofing/construction consultants, and private builders to ensure safe and efficient installations. 

Our BUR Superintendents, Foreman and field technicians understand the importance of safe work practices and risk management protocol, especially during the application of hot mopped asphalt systems.

The following is a list of the service’s that this department can provide:

    • 2-ply Systems
    • 4-ply Systems                                                       
    • Torch/Mop/Cold Applied Applications
    • Peel & Stick Application