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Meet Team Member Travis Spencer - Crowther Roofing

Travis Spencer 14 year veteran at Crowther Roofing

Meet Team Member Tanya King at Crowther Roofing

Meet Tanya King in the Commercial Service Department at Crowther Roofing!

Michelle Vella Team Crowther Roofing!

Michelle Vella Team Member Crowther Roofing tells us about her employment with us.
Image representing Miguel Bates - Truss Shop Manager-Crowther Roofing

Miguel Bates - Truss Shop Manager-Crowther Roofing

Miguel Bates gives his testimonial working as a team member for Crowther Roofing. "There's only One Crowther Roofing!" “Crowther Roofing's reputation has had its effects on my work ethics for doing the job right the first time. The Crowthers have had a strong family operated business that I've grown with since 2005. I've been a part of our Commercial Truss Dept and Residential Team since after Irma. I enjoy working here because we have a great team of people on staff always ready to take on the day ahead. -Miguel Bates -14 years -Commercial Truss Dept. Shop Manager -Residential Scheduling Dept.” Thanks, Miguel Bates Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal of Florida, Inc. Truss Shop Manager

Jesse Rajala Team Member of Crowther Roofing

Jesse Rajala Team Member of Crowther Roofing Regional Accounts Manager

Brita Long Working at Crowther Roofing!

Please listen while our own Brita Long talks about her experience working at Crowther Roofing.
Image representing Meet Team Member Sandy Spindler-Business Development Manager

Meet Team Member Sandy Spindler-Business Development Manager

Meet Sandy Spindler Business Developer of Crowther Roofing
Image representing A Day in the Life of a Mechanical Foremen

A Day in the Life of a Mechanical Foremen

Crowther Roofings-A Job Day for a Mechanical Foremen


A Day in the Life of a Crowther Roofing Foreman

About Us:

Crowther Roofing began in the Midwest, but the history of the Crowther family in America begins in Scotland and in the Arctic Ocean, as Lee J. Crowther’s great-grandfather, John, captained a whaling fleet through rough waters. The Scottish arctic explorer passed his thirst for adventure to his son, Alexander, who learned to pilot a ship before he entered his teenage years.

Alexander emigrated from Scotland to America, earning his way from Ellis Island to the Midwest in the 1900s. Shipyard building work took him back to Glasgow, where he had a son, Thomas, and then back to America, where an older son was waiting. Thomas Crowther, Lee J. Crowther’s father, was a teenager in Scotland when his father sent for him to join him in America.

The United States was in the middle of a building boom, and Alexander Crowther and his son found plenty of work in the Midwest. When a job brought them to Joliet, Illinois, Thomas Crowther set down roots there, establishing the Thomas H. Crowther Roofing Company in 1955. Lee J. Crowther, Thomas’ son, began working in the family business shortly afterwards.

The company became L.J. Crowther Roofing Company when Lee and his brother, Scott, became the company’s principals in the early 1970s. Lee J. and Scott Crowther began Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1974. In addition to Lee J. Crowther’s ongoing service to the company, Crowther family members work in numerous divisions of the company, from the ranks of upper management to the sheet metal shop to the front lines of customer service.

Today Lee J. Crowther continues as our Chairman of the board. His son Lee Scott Crowther serves as Chief Executive Officer along with Kevin Callans as President of the corporation.

Crowther is an organization comprised of four offices in beautiful Southwest Florida: Fort Myers (Corporate Headquarters – since 1974), Naples, Sarasota and Jupiter. We are a company that offers the combined energies of over 500 employees and 275 service vehicles and are members of the NRP (National Roofing Partners).

We are nationally ranked in the top–10 of our industry. We are guided by a customer-centered philosophy and strive to create positive impacts in the communities in which we are located. At the same time, we remain a family company; we continue to strive to deliver the highest standards of service and product, excellent quality, and always cognizant of our client’s trust.

To develop a culture throughout the company that Customer Satisfaction is the primary goal of each and every project. Only through Customer Satisfaction are we going to maintain solid relationships, build an excellent reputation, create a foundation for repeat business, gain valuable referrals, and cultivate a pride of workmanship and accomplishment in our employees.